Legal forms

Interested in starting a company in Germany? If so, make sure you first familiarise yourself with the associated tax and legal obligations. This website offers some insight into these matters, but you can also obtain more detailed information on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aachen website.

We strongly advise you to first obtain a clear idea of the business you are interested in establishing. Only then will you be able to decide on the most appropriate legal entity for your company.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aachen

Germany Trade and Invest - Establishing a Company

Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry

IHK Frankfurt am Main

Short notice: These brochures are only an overview of legal forms. If you have any questions, please consult your regional Chamber of Commerce, IHK Aachen


There are a few obligations, company founders must observe. If you want to found your own company, you should primarily find out, which obligations must be fulfilled in your case.

  • Registration
  • Certificate of qualification
  • Permits
  • Collective Labour Agreement (CLA)
  • Financial aspects

Financial aspects

Apart from the liability of the owners, another deciding factor is the financial aspect. The government offers several of public subsidies for entrepreneurs.