Market entry project Öresund region

The Öresund region, also known as Greater Copenhagen Region, is a cross-border region in Northern Europe, spanning the southern part of Sweden and the eastern part of Denmark. The area, with 4.4 million inhabitants, is named after the Öresund Bridge which, since July 2000, connects the city of Malmö in Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark and plays a significant role in the economic integration of the two countries. The Öresund Region is an important hub for economic activity in Scandinavia.

There is a strong collaboration between academia (a consortium of twelve universities, four Swedish and eight Danish with 150.000 students and more than 14.000 researchers). This collaboration has led to the creation of several innovation hubs and research centers in the region, which focus on areas such as life sciences, ICT, and environmental technologies.

The region is a hub for life science companies and research institutions and is home to many innovative companies working on developing new treatments and technologies in the life sciences field, focusing on drug development and medical technology research and development. Examples of companies include Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, Genmab, Ferring, Camurus, Zealand Pharma, BioInvent, etc.

Another significant sector is the ICT industry, which is prominent in Copenhagen and Malmö. The region has a vibrant start-up ecosystem and established players such as Maersk, Ericsson, and TDC. 
Other promising sectors include the renewable energy industry, where companies focus on areas like green transportation, upcycling/recycling, and eco-buildings, but also the food industry, and the cleantech sector. The region has several key players in these areas, including Ørsted, Vestas, Arla, Alfa Laval, Danish Cleantech Group, Cleanergy, etc.

The Öresund region provides an attractive environment for exporting companies. It has a strong economy, high innovation, and an excellent quality of life. Companies interested in entering the market in this region should consider the unique cultural and business practices of both Denmark and Sweden and ensure a good local knowledge and presence to be successful.